Auction Statuses

All ADESA locations are hosting live, online sales through ADESA Simulcast, ADESA Simulcast+ and ADESA DealerBlock on in accordance with local, state, provincial and national directives.

For specific details about local auction operations, please click here.

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Additionally, you can still access for DealerBlock off-lease vehicles representing 80% of North America’s off-lease inventory you won’t find on any other online platform. 

Our TradeRev mobile-app marketplace remains open, operational and active in both the United States and Canada.

While vehicle imaging services may not be available in your area, sellers can self-inspect from their lot and instantly launch 45-minute, live-bidding, dealer-to-dealer auctions.

Buyers can access thousands of fresh-trade inventory anytime, anywhere, updated daily from coast-to-coast.

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